Restorer of antique clocks and barometers

Joost Jongerius is a clock restorer, specialising in antique clocks and barometers from the 16th to the 19th centuries. His workshop is based in the Brabant village of Wagenberg, just north of Breda.

“Old clocks belong to the few mechanical instruments which still fulfil their role in our daily life, sometimes after hundreds of years. They are almost ‘timeless’, made for eternity

The first clocks were made more than 500 years ago, often in the workshop of a smith. Later specialised workshops appeared. A clockmaker worked with the means available under the circumstances which obtained at the time.
When a modern clock restorer tries to put himself in this position and is able to combine this with the knowledge, documentation and tools of our time, a basis for a responsible restoration comes to the fore.
Our workshop is well equipped for the repair and restoration of antique clocks and barometers.


What do we come across in a clock?

Movement: Normally this is dismantled so that nothing is overlooked. Wear and tear are eliminated; all parts are inspected and cleaned, reassembled, oiled and adjusted.

Case: Usually made of wood, dried out and discoloured in the course of the years. The glue has often become hard and dry, resulting in the construction being prone to fall apart and for fragments of veneer to become lost. Our furniture restorer ensures that the case is restored to its original condition. Missing parts are made and the whole is finished in the traditional way.

Dial: Painting, firing, enamelling, engraving, gilding or silvering, all skills we possess ourselves or know personally craftsmen of the highest quality who undertake it for us. In this way we can deal with the comprehensive restoration of any clock.

The work comes with a three-year guarantee, it has to be good.”

A clock is one element of an interior. A classic element often fits well into modern surroundings and is sometimes appreciated even more in such an environment. Apart from its beauty being enjoyed, it also fulfils a function: indicating the time in the way it has done for centuries.

We can be contacted for any restoration: give us a call for advice or a free quote. You are most welcome. This can also take place in your own home.

We ‘make’ time.


“You notice a clock only when it has stopped.”

We restore all clocks, from more recent dates to very old.

From mantel clocks, Comtoise clocks and tail clocks to lantern clocks and longcase clocks.

You are most welcome.